10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dating Coach

How many times have you seen a beautiful woman but felt too intimidated to approach her?

Are you really eager to get into a quality relationship with a great woman, but don’t know where to get started?

I’m going to explain 10 ways that a dating coach can help you dramatically improve your love life and get the relationship you want with the woman you want.

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In this post you will discover:

  • What to expect when you hire a dating coach
  • Why having the right positive force behind you is essential in building confidence
  • What benefits there are to learning from hands-on experience
  • How your journey with a coach will help you find lasting love

Rejections are never fun, right? But, with a dating coach, you have a roadmap to success and I have already seen guys go through and achieve that very same success.

That’s why I know it works.

1. Dating Is a Skill, and You Can Learn It

A long time ago, in my early twenties, I learned how to do mechanical work on my bike and vehicles and I used to be very insecure about it. When I did try to fix it one time, and it didn't work out very well, I gave up.

Fast forward many years later, I'm doing all of the maintenance and repair work on my bikes and vehicles because I learned how to do it. I took a course and that gave me some confidence again because I learned a little bit of competence.

Just like someone can learn mechanical work, you can learn dating skills and relationship skills too, and you can also learn how to build up your confidence. And this is part of what a dating coach does.

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2. Roadmap to Success

Instead of reinventing the wheel yourself, or trying to wing it, you can actually get somebody to help you who's been there and done that. The way I've developed my programme is based on my experience from the last 10 years.

The aim is to not only show you why this roadmap to success works, but for you to believe in the process, believe in yourself, and believe that healthy relationships are easily attainable when you know how to find them.

3. A Dating Coach Can Hold You Accountable

Even if you're ambitious, it's easy to get bogged down with different things especially when you're juggling different things in your life. Aren't we all?

Very often where you're starting something new, it's easier just not to do it than it is to do it. But, just like having a boss at work keeps you accountable because he expects you to get certain jobs done, having a coach keeps you accountable, too.

Your coach expects you to get certain tasks done, certain exercises done, that are going to build up your confidence and your skills. This is incredibly important.

Each successful task, or exercise completed, is a notch on your belt that you can look back and be proud of. Furthermore, each of these accomplishments will help you better yourself - better your mindset.

4. Get Motivation When You’re Down

It's really easy to get down when you start learning this stuff and you're going through rejections and rejections are never fun, right?

But, there are coping mechanisms to deal with it and that's something you can learn from your coach. Plus, getting a boost when you feel down is easier than handling it by yourself.

It's just too easy to quit when you have all these pressures on yourself and you're feeling bad because you're doing a bunch of stuff and it's just not working. But when you have the right positive force behind you, a coach, it's much easier to keep going and stay motivated and keep on track.

5. Harness the Power of Influence

Now, you're starting a pretty difficult journey. It's fun too because you're meeting women, but it's difficult because you're learning how to meet women and build your confidence. Making that journey alone is far more difficult, without the support behind you to push you and reassure you.

You've probably heard that old thing that five closest influences around you, whether it's family or friends, will have a dramatic effect on your outcomes. For example, If you're a drug user and you want to stop using drugs, but everyone around you uses drugs, will it be difficult or easy to achieve your goal? They're going to be offering it to you all the time, encouraging you to take drugs, or cigarettes, or whatever. That's obviously not the right influence you need.

What if you're surrounded by people who are very negative about the economy, about business; they've been working jobs their whole life but now you want to start a business. Sure, sometimes you can get positive influence from those areas, even though they don't have experience. They might say, "yeah, go for it." But more often than not you're going to find, even from family and close friends are like, "you know what, the economy is really bad and that's really difficult and business is scary." That's going to discourage you from starting your business. But when you have a positive influence and people are basically your cheerleaders and spur you on; "go for it!" It makes it much easier to go for things because that positive influence is there to supports you.

The same goes for dating. Having a dating coach in your corner is exactly the right kind of positive influence you need to build up your skills and confidence and again, just like accountability, stay on track. It's much easier to do this when you have a cheerleader in your corner and you're getting that positive influence.

6. Ask Questions, and Get Them Answered

It's nice to go online and be able to look up anything you want but it's very difficult to discern between different sources of information and it doesn't always necessarily answer exactly what you're looking for. But when you have a coach in your corner, you can basically text them or call any time and get your questions answered immediately.

That also helps expedite the learning curve because you're not going to be sorting through your thoughts yourself and having to figure out everything on your own. Instead, you could reach out to your number one source of information, which is your coach, and get a quick answer that's going to help you and help you clear your mind and direct you to the right path so you keep learning and learning faster.

7. Learn Advanced Social Skills

Social skills are obviously really important and they're really important when you're learning how to connect with women. When you have somebody's experience in this, they can actually show you things that you would never have thought of and maybe take years and years to figure out your own.

Instead, you will have that source of information in positive examples. You can physically see these social skills in practice and gain that experience, learning things that other people are completely unaware of.

8. Fast-track to Avoid Mistakes Most Men Make

Another way to expedite the learning curve is by skipping the mistakes that most men make. So instead of having to go through all those mistakes yourself, again, you have a coach, you have a guide, and a mentor that'll help you avoid those common mistakes. This helps you get faster results and less painfully.

9. Live Example

You want to actually see that person walking their talk, right? So that you can see they're not just all talk. They actually walk the walk and they're living that lifestyle that they're helping you to get. That is exactly what I will do for you.

We will go out and meet people and I will demonstrate, live, how to approach beautiful women with confidence so you can see first hand that you can do it too. Instead of just getting somebody who tells you what they do, you can actually see them in action. That's really valuable to have that example in real life.

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10. Develop Your Success Mindset For Relationships

This is really important. The way you think about things is basically your operating system for life. If you have the wrong mindset for relationships, you're going to be failing every time. You're going to be in a constant pattern. That's very frustrating and might be hard to identify.

When you develop the right mindset, just like having the right operating system, things run a lot smoother.

It doesn't have to be perfect but you have a foundation to work off of that everything else is based on. You'll get much better results and much better returns on your investment in time and money. So you can end up getting the kind of relationship you want that lasts. You don't end up in this constant cycle of going through crappy, or mediocre relationships, or relationships with the wrong women, or not being able to keep the right woman.

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Take The First Step to Better Relationships

Do you need a dating coach?

If you have found it too difficult to approach women in the past, then the answer is probably yes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need to reinvent your dating approach on your own.

Change your mindset, learn from real experience, and find women who are perfect for you.

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If you have any questions leave them in the comments section below.

10 Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach
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